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I know what it’s like to feel disconnected, confused, or uncertain on your path. Through mediumship and intuitive sessions, I connect with spirit — your spirit guides, a Higher Intelligence, your departed loved ones, the Universe, or however you perceive All That Is — to help you take your life into your own hands. The magic is inside you. And you can absolutely learn to navigate your life with a greater sense of peace, power, intuition, and life purpose.

I see YOU. You are already whole — and more exquisite than you can comprehend. I’m just here to help remind you of who you really are.

You Can Fly

When I connect with spirit, it feels vast. Weightless. Limitless. Free.

Like I’m flying.

Ready to find your wings? As we delve into this work together, with spirit leading the way, you reconnect with a power deep within yourself. You’ve always known you were meant for something, and now you can finally understand the what, the why, the who. It’s time to start living the life that is in alignment with the real you.

Hi! I love having you here.

I’m Amanda Lieber, a soul walking, just like you.

I believe we’re all here for a reason: to manifest the fullest, most joyful expressions of ourselves.

Through mediumship and spirit-led intuitive sessions, I provide a supportive space for releasing “stuck” energy, receiving practical guidance, and moving into a more expanded, empowered, and EXCITED version of yourself.

If you’re feeling confused or stagnant on your path, you’re in the right place. Sometimes, all it takes is an “opening” for new energy to flow in, illuminating your next step. And although I wholeheartedly believe (and know!) that you are intuitive, it can be challenging to see ourselves in the way that spirit does, with a bird’s eye view of your life…and your entire soul being.

Working with you in creating that opening is my privilege and honor.

You are pure love and absolute perfection, I promise! You have the power to create the life you deserve and dream of. And everything you need to make that happen is truly inside of you.

I am here, holding that vision.

You Asked:

What’s the Difference Between Evidential and Trance Mediumship?

I like to think of my role as a medium as “the messenger.”

In general, the task of a medium is to form a strong link to the spirit world/Higher Consciousness and allow divine intelligence to flow through.

The main differences between what’s known as “evidential” mediumship and “trance” mediumship involve the mechanics (how the connection is made) and also the type of communicator present.

When a medium is performing evidential mediumship, they’re typically connecting to spirit in a more active state. Their eyes are open, and they’re able to communicate with the client in front of them. In this form of mediumship, usually, the intention is to connect with departed loved ones (or, to put it bluntly, dead people). Typically, the medium will provide specific information to validate the spirit communicator (tidbits about their physical appearance, personality, career, family, memories with you, information about your life, etc.), and then deliver any messages from your loved one(s). This kind of mediumship is what you might see on TV — and it can be incredibly healing and peace-giving.

Trance mediumship, on the other hand, involves going into a much more passive, deeply altered state of consciousness. The medium usually (but not always) works with their eyes closed and doesn’t actively converse with a client. The goal is to “step away” from the mind as much as possible so that spirit/Higher Consciousness can speak through the medium. With trance mediumship, the communicator can vary; it might be a spirit guide, a departed loved one, or any form of Higher Intelligence. In my experience, healing energy is always transmitted from the medium to the client, along with specific information on a wide variety of topics, like your everyday life, soul purpose, spiritual path, and more. It’s virtually limitless, which is what I love most about it!

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“Amanda’s ability to receive messages from those who are no longer with us is outstanding, and she delivers those messages with warmth and openness like she too is a part of your family or inner circle. I can’t wait to work with her again and have recommended her to many others, as her sessions are a truly special experience.”

— Katy C.

“My reading with Amanda was very thought-provoking. She was able to read my energy in depth, then bring through spirit while in trance to answer a few questions I had about my past lives, purpose, and why situations in this life seem so familiar, both the good and the bad. Thanks to Amanda’s abilities and clear messages, I now have a better understanding and perspective of myself. I’m so grateful I met her!”

— Lou C.

“Amanda gives clear and powerful channeled readings. She has a talent for receiving and communicating memorable and helpful advice.”

— Mel A.


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When we focus on unblocking, we’re focused on removing something. There’s something in the way, or there’s something missing.

This puts you right into “fixing” mode. You’re going to (over)do all the spiritual things to try and get rid of the block. This might look like doing hours of meditation, saying affirmations till you’re blue in the face, filling up pages upon pages in your journal, rigidly sticking to your “routine,” you get the picture. And believe me, I’ve SO been there.

Without even realizing it, you’re trying to force an outcome. This is the energy of desperation, of needing something to happen. Basically, you’re operating from the energy of the problem (lack/scarcity) — and not the energy of the solution.

So what is the energy of the solution?

It’s the energy of LOVE. It’s a space of, I’m slowing things down, attuning to my essence, following my joy. It’s giving yourself grace and patience like you would a puppy or a child. It’s pure abundance and knows that there is no pressure, just endless possibility. 

Ready to step into the energy of your soul — so you can live an inspired life full of flow and synchronicity (and yes, your dream partner)? My new offer, Be the LOVE, is a 3-part experiential program, designed to help you see your soul, learn the language of your soul, and be your soul. Comment LOVE to learn more.

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When you get to know your aura — which consists of what I call your “soul colors” and your “persona colors” — navigating your love life becomes easier. Because it FEELS so much better! 

You understand your specific signs of misalignment and how to realign your energy. You develop some serious awareness of your energy — which is everything when it comes to attracting your dream partner and dream life.

I offer comprehensive aura readings in my 50-minute Intuitive Reading. Want to dig deeper and really align with love consciousness so that you can attract the love you want in your life? Comment  LOVE to learn more about my newest offering, a 3-part journey into the depths of you. Love you!

P.S. Did you feel the love I sent you in the video? 💗

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Clients will often ask if the new person in their life is their soulmate — or whether or not they’re a good match.

First, I explain that we have more than one soulmate. While there might be one person we prefer to be our partner over many lifetimes, there is more than one person out there who we could love and be loved by on a very deep level.

In terms of compatibility, though, I can see this through aura. I do this by looking at the aura of my client/person in front of me and also the partner in question. (Note that I will always seek out soul-level consent from said partner.)

There are a couple of qualities in the aura that might indicate compatibility. Here are a few of them:

1. Your aura + their aura = a rainbow of colors! For example, one person has red and blue soul colors with a green persona color. If they’re dating someone who’s yellow and purple with an orange persona color, this is compatibility gold.

2. But sometimes like attracts like. Let’s say both people are really working to embody blue, for example. They would really understand one another at a deep level — and therefore make an amazing match.

3. When one person has a persona color that matches the other’s soul color. This can be a great match, too, and lead to a lot of soul growth.

Curious about you and your partner? Drop a heart below!

I do a compatibility assessment by request in my Intuitive Readings. Link in bio to book ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗

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What aura colors do you think you are? Let me know in the comments ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗

Don’t have a clue? I offer comprehensive aura readings in my 50-minute Intuitive Reading. Link in bio to book.

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ICYMI, knowing your aura offers a roadmap for navigating life, your love life included 💕

I offer comprehensive aura readings in my 50-minute Intuitive Reading. 

Want to dig deeper and really align with love consciousness so that you can attract the love you want in your life? I’m looking for a few people to join Be the LOVE, a 3-part journey into the depths of you. Drop a heart below to learn more.

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When I was a magazine editor, I hated having interns. I found it so much easier to just do everything myself.

There was this one intern who I’d asked to review a few food items for a story on snacks. She used words to describe these snacks like “yum-o” and “freaking delicious.” Basically, she wrote like she spoke, without a filter.

On a deep level, this was “triggering” because I was conditioned to filter the f$#@ out of myself. I was conditioned to be that “perfect” good girl who ignores her feelings and does what’s implicitly expected of her. And it pissed me off that she had the “audacity” to write so freely. 

In other words, I’d developed a green “persona color” in my aura. Persona colors (as opposed to soul colors) are energies that we’ve picked up throughout our lives as a result of conditioning and experiences. (The fact that I became a magazine editor to begin with was due to this green energy in my aura.)

Thing is, your persona colors will remain underdeveloped UNTIL you firmly ground into your soul colors. Until you know who you are on a deep level.

When I started to uncover my soul energies and step into them, that was the moment when I no longer could stand being a magazine editor. I remember describing it as “soul-sucking.”

If you feel resistance in delegating tasks — whether that’s at work, at home, with your kids, even using technology and short-cuts — it’s a sign that it’s time to step into the energy of your soul. It’s time to stop playing small, stop trying to be everything for everyone. Stop trying to control what is meant to flow and change. 

(Then, once you do, you’ll intuitively get green to work for you, I promise!)

Ready to step into your soul? Let’s connect. Comment “SOUL” below.

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Your aura is a combination of the energies your soul brings into this lifetime for a specific purpose (what I call your “soul colors”) and those you’ve picked up in your physical body (“ego colors”). I believe that soul colors remain constant, while ego colors can fluctuate.

Here’s the thing: Energy is dualistic. Meaning, energy shows up differently when you’re in alignment — and when you’re not. Generally speaking, you feel the LOVE when you’re in alignment and you feel some version of lack/separation when you’re not.

So let’s say you’re feeling off in your love life. You’re in alignment in so many other areas of your life (business, check; soulmate friends, check; traveling the world, check), but you just can’t seem to find the “right” guy. You’re on all the dating apps, you’re doing all the things, but it just hasn’t happened yet and you don’t know why. 

You work with me and discover your soul color is purple, for ex (most people have 2–3 soul colors). I show you how to ground into purple, which might involve building trust in a Higher Power or acting on divine impulses. It might involve really looking at your feelings of being alone and doing some deep quantum healing. It might involve really seeing yourself.

I want to be clear that knowing your aura isn’t a “hack.” It’s more of a roadmap to stepping into your divine power, where clarity and true fulfillment can be found. 

If you’re ready to fully step into your power, come join Be the LOVE, a 3-part experiential journey into the depths of you. It’s a powerful 1:1 container for spiritual women who can see others, but not quite see themselves. It’s time you internalized your magic. It’s time to really see yourself. DM me “LOVE” to find out more

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