“I just want you to know how wonderful my trance healing session was. What spirit said to me filled my heart with so much love. I felt that they saw the real me. I feel love for people and the desire to help however I can. The trauma I went through as a child and how it affected me as a whole. When Amanda first started to speak, my right shoulder, which was very tight, dropped so hard that I couldn’t help but notice. I really needed it because it was affecting my neck. Thank you so much. It was a loving and gentle experience I won’t forget.”

— Helen M.

“I’m in the middle of a very challenging transition in my life. Amanda brought through encouraging words from my loved ones and guides on the other side. That gave me comfort and will help me move forward. If you would like to give yourself or a loved one a special gift, schedule a session with Amanda. She is truly gifted. She can access voices from the other side with incredible accuracy and bring their wisdom to the physical world. Amanda is compassionate, easy to talk to, and incredibly supportive. She radiates love and encouragement. I am so grateful for her gift and glad to have found her.”
— Jane K.
“Amanda is a wonderful trance medium. She has also done intuitive readings for me that were insightful and accurate. Her trance readings bring wisdom from my spirit guides that answer my questions about my personal development and the struggles I’m encountering. Her readings are both comforting and inspiring. Amanda has a loving, supportive energy! I highly recommend you book a reading!”
— Christina T.
“I had the pleasure and honor of getting a much-needed reading from Amanda. Her reading was meticulous and spot-on. She spoke with such compassion and eloquence. After the reading, I felt very light and uplifted. She is an amazing healer and medium.”
— Janet F. M.
“My session with Amanda was amazing. Beforehand, I was all over the place, figuring out where to go first. Amanda read my aura and chakras and was spot on. Then she went into a trance, which was fantastic and again spot on. My questions were answered in a way where I felt supported and loved. After my session, I felt grounded and confident in the changes I needed to make without feeling guilty or like I was doing something wrong. My soul feels light and my mind free — a great indication that Amanda is the real deal. Thank you, Amanda!!”
— Nancy E.

“Sadly, I lost my baby brother in 2013 to a drug overdose — something all too common these days. For the first seven years following Brett’s death, I thought I would never again communicate with my beloved baby brother. I thought death was simply the end that I had lost him forever. But how wrong I was! Amanda has connected with my brother several times, and most recently, my brother shared with her how he continues to evolve in the spirit realm. My brother has given me guidance on my spiritual development. Amanda has connected to my grandparents, my childhood best friend, and provided me with trance healing. Every reading that Amanda has done has been 100% valid. She has provided facts that she could not have known: odd family memories, physical descriptions of my teenage home, descriptions of toys, and playing with my brother. Working with her has been tremendously healing; every session provides me warmth, joy, and hope! I know she can’t guarantee she can connect to everyone who has passed, but thus far, she has been able to connect to all of my loved ones who are no longer on this physical plane! You have to experience it for yourself! Even though I am mediumistic, it still feels like a miracle.”

— Amanda K.

“I had an amazing reading with Amanda. She shared so much guidance and evidence of the soul connections. The information was spot on and helped me understand their soul life paths from past, present, and future. I feel hopeful for the future, lighter, and at peace after connecting with Amanda. She is truly gifted and has such an amazing presence and connection with spirit.”

— Jenny D.
“Amanda’s ability to receive messages from those who are no longer with us is outstanding, and she delivers those messages with warmth and openness like she too is a part of your family or inner circle. I can’t wait to work with her again and have recommended her to many others, as her sessions are a truly special experience.”

“My reading with Amanda was very thought-provoking. She was able to read my energy in depth, then bring through spirit while in trance to answer a few questions I had about my past lives, purpose, and why situations in this life seem so familiar, both the good and the bad. Thanks to Amanda’s abilities and clear messages, I now have a better understanding and perspective of myself. I’m so grateful I met her!”

— LOU C.
“Amanda gives clear and powerful channeled readings. She has a talent for receiving and communicating memorable and helpful advice.”
— MEL A.