My Journey

I’m Amanda Lieber, a medium (evidential and trance), intuitive, and healer. I’m also a writer and mom of two beautiful boys living in New York City.

I’ve had fine-tuned intuitive abilities all my life — and thought everyone else did, too. Growing up, I could never understand why others couldn’t “read” people or energy like I could, why I couldn’t bear to watch the news, why I had frequent vivid dreams, and also…why death never felt scary. I’d regularly find myself spacing out in school, wondering what happens when we die, mesmerized by it all. There was a knowing that “death,” as most people see it, couldn’t possibly be real.

But as life circumstances would have it, I pushed all my questions and curiosity aside, focusing on what I could see and do — and the external validation that comes with it. I spent years as a people pleaser with an eating disorder and tons of anxiety, living in fear of what others thought of me. All my energy went toward being liked or hiding from judgment and potential pain — so much so that I didn’t know myself.

Eventually, I became a magazine editor, married an amazing man, and after a harrowing journey with infertility treatments, had two kids, two years apart. I was exhausted and overwhelmed, holding onto old and fresh trauma as I navigated parenthood.

My highly intuitive mom introduced me to Transcendental Meditation when my second son was two. We both underwent training around the same time, and I began meditating twice daily. At first, I swore it wasn’t working. I was still stressed beyond belief. But I stuck with it (I’m a structure-loving Virgo), and at about the 6-month mark, I began to feel a change. I felt better, somehow lighter. It was like the world suddenly felt more expansive.

I distinctly remember leaving my apartment one spring morning. While gazing at the crisp blue sky, I experienced a profound knowing: There had to be more to life than this.

This meant our material world — and how I was living my life in its confines. That small moment of awareness was the start of a massive awakening.

I read every spiritual book I could get my hands on, including some of my favorites — by past-life regressionists Brian Weiss and Michael Newton — that cemented my knowing that life is truly eternal. I went to therapy and worked on myself every day. I started to write creatively, which opened me up even more. Slowly but surely, I changed my energy…and my world changed, too.

Then came the pandemic, and everything just stopped. Like many of us, I lost my job and any semblance of “normalcy.” I also “lost” two people near and dear to me, including my grandmother, to COVID-adjacent deaths.

One night, I was lying in my youngest son’s bed at bedtime. As he drifted off, I relaxed and spontaneously went into what felt like a meditative state. All of a sudden, I heard a voice in my head. It was my voice, but I didn’t understand what it was saying at first. It became clear when I got out of bed: My recently deceased grandmother was trying to communicate with me.

“Weird” things like that began to happen more regularly, mostly at night when I was relaxed. Things would pop out of my mouth that I knew didn’t come from me. I’ll never forget when I clearly recited a line from a Shakespeare play that I never read — and it made sense in context!

That’s when I started researching mediumship — something that fascinated me, but I knew little about other than the stuff you see on TV. I quickly learned that mediumship is a skill anyone can develop and began enrolling in classes. I never had so much fun in a “school” environment before. I knew, without a doubt, that I was in precisely the right place.

Today, I’ve developed evidential mediumship (communicating with departed loved ones), trance mediumship (channeling Higher Consciousness), and intuitive abilities. I’ve studied with various outstanding teachers, including Andrej Djordjevitch, who guided me through a year-long intensive mentorship to develop all forms of trance (healing, speaking, and evidential), Mark Bedwood, and others. I absolutely love what I do, which is being a messenger from spirit and a source of loving service to those around me.

If you’re here because you want to connect with a departed loved one, your spirit guides, Higher Consciousness, or just the Universe in general, it would be my honor to be your messenger. If you’re here because you want to develop your mediumistic or intuitive abilities, I couldn’t be more excited for you! And lastly (but definitely not least), if you’re here to step into your soul self, I’m so here for you, too ❤️.

Get to Know Me Even More

Most people who know me know that…

I’m a huge astrology nerd! I’m a Virgo sun, Sag moon, and Scorpio rising, FYI 🙂

More personality-type stuff…

I’m an Enneagram Type 9.

An unexpected gateway…

I’ve written three fictional books for children — including a picture book, middle-grade, and YA novel — which opened my creativity and ultimately led me down the path of mediumship.

If I weren’t a lightworker, I’d be…

In another life, I’m convinced I was in the medical profession. I spent half of my college career pre-med before switching to political science. (Math isn’t a strong suit 🙂 But as a (very shy) child, funny enough, I wanted nothing more than to be an actress.

Talent I wish I had…

A captivating singing voice, hands down. (Did you know we can sing in choirs in the spirit world?)

Things I’ve known since I was a young child…

There’s something about California I’ve always been drawn to. And…I was meant for something. There’s always been this inexplicable sense of purpose and drive within me that I’m still trying to figure out.

Favorite scent…

Bergamot and fresh jasmine

There’s no place like…

The water

My “strongest” chakras…

4th and 6th

Best advice…

“Failure” and “death” don’t exist. They’re only redirection and revelation.

Spiritual “tools” I use most…

Meditation, writing, walking in nature, affirmations

My motto…

In service to love

Are you interested in working with me? Explore my services to support, uplift, and connect you with the truth of who you are — and the healer inside of you.