Clarity. Connection. Alignment.

As a medium (evidential and trance) and an intuitive, I approach all my readings from a place of love and healing. I believe that our thoughts create our reality. Which is why I don’t believe in “evil” spirits, demons, or anything “negative” regarding the spirit world.

Every day, I actively work on my connection to Higher Consciousness through meditation, sitting in silence, channeling, automatic writing, and doing my best to manage my energy.

My work is to step back and lovingly allow spirit to do the work — and bring you back into energetic alignment with your true self. When you surrender to spirit, you’re saying yes to a life full of miracles, understanding, and inner growth. Come join me!
I’m All About…

Helping you connect to spirit (and “death”) on a deep level, shining a flashlight on your true potential, making mediumship equal parts powerful + fun, staying open-minded and curious

I’m Not About…
Fear-based beliefs or practices, anything that makes you feel disempowered or less than, staying “stuck” in the past

You Asked:

Is mediumship safe? What does it feel like to receive healing energy?

My favorite thing about mediumship is the loving energy surrounding both the medium and the client throughout the session. Ideally, you should feel held, like you’re wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket. So…yes! Mediumship is completely safe.

In addition to feeling that metaphorical blanket, you might feel tired during the session as your nervous system settles down.

In trance mediumship sessions, you might also experience tingly sensations, physical or emotional relief, or other light sensations (such as those you might experience during meditation) as spirit delivers healing energy. Clients often report that post-session, their energy skyrockets; they’re filled with a newfound lightness and excitement.

Imagine being enveloped in unconditional love and support. My #1 goal as a medium is to help get you to that indescribably wondrous place.

Are you interested in booking a mediumship or intuitive session?

I couldn’t be more excited to meet you and your beautiful team spirit!