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I know what it’s like to feel disconnected, confused, or uncertain on your path. Through mediumship and intuitive sessions, I connect with spirit — your spirit guides, a Higher Intelligence, your departed loved ones, the Universe, or however you perceive All That Is — to help you take your life into your own hands. The magic is inside you — and you can absolutely learn to navigate your life with a greater sense of peace, power, intuition, and life purpose.

I see YOU. You are already whole — and more exquisite than you can comprehend. I’m here to help remind you of who you really are.

You Can Fly

When I connect with spirit, it feels vast. Weightless. Limitless. Free.

Like I’m flying.

Ready to find your wings? As we delve into this work together, with spirit leading the way, you reconnect with a power deep within yourself. You’ve always known you were meant for something, and now you finally understand the what, the why, the who. It’s time to start living life on your own terms, with your heart and soul on your sleeve.

Hi! I love having you here.

I’m Amanda Lieber, a soul walking, just like you.

I believe we’re all here for a reason: to manifest the fullest, most joyful expression of ourselves.

Through mediumship and spirit-led intuitive sessions, I provide a supportive space for releasing “stuck” energy, receiving practical guidance, and moving into a more expanded, empowered, and EXCITED version of yourself.

If you’re feeling confused or stagnant on your path, you’re in the right place. Sometimes, all it takes is an “opening” for new energy to flow in, illuminating your next step. And although I wholeheartedly believe (and know!) that you are intuitive, it can be challenging to see ourselves in the way that spirit does, with a bird’s eye view of your life…and your entire soul being.

Working with you in creating that opening is my privilege and honor.

You are pure love and absolute perfection, I promise! You have the power to create the life you deserve and dream of. And everything you need to make that happen is truly inside of you.

I am here, holding that vision.

You Asked:

What’s the Difference Between Evidential and Trance Mediumship?

I like to think of my role as a medium as “the messenger.”

In general, the task of a medium is to form a strong link to the spirit world/Higher Consciousness and allow divine intelligence to flow through.

The main differences between what’s known as “evidential” mediumship and “trance” mediumship involve the mechanics (how the connection is made) and also the type of communicator present.

When a medium is performing evidential mediumship, they’re typically connecting to spirit in a more active state. Their eyes are open, and they’re able to communicate with the client in front of them. In this form of mediumship, usually, the intention is to connect with departed loved ones (or, to put it bluntly, dead people). Typically, the medium will provide specific information to validate the spirit communicator (tidbits about their physical appearance, personality, career, family, memories with you, information about your life, etc.), and then deliver any messages from your loved one(s). This kind of mediumship is what you might see on TV — and it can be incredibly healing and peace-giving.

Trance mediumship, on the other hand, involves going into a much more passive, deeply altered state of consciousness. The medium usually (but not always) works with their eyes closed and doesn’t actively converse with a client. The goal is to “step away” from the mind as much as possible so that spirit/Higher Consciousness can speak through the medium. With trance mediumship, the communicator can vary; it might be a spirit guide, a departed loved one, or any form of Higher Intelligence. In my experience, healing energy is always transmitted from the medium to the client, along with specific information on a wide variety of topics, like your everyday life, soul purpose, spiritual path, and more. It’s virtually limitless, which is what I love most about it!

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“Amanda’s ability to receive messages from those who are no longer with us is outstanding, and she delivers those messages with warmth and openness like she too is a part of your family or inner circle. I can’t wait to work with her again and have recommended her to many others, as her sessions are a truly special experience.”

— Katy C.

“My reading with Amanda was very thought-provoking. She was able to read my energy in depth, then bring through spirit while in trance to answer a few questions I had about my past lives, purpose, and why situations in this life seem so familiar, both the good and the bad. Thanks to Amanda’s abilities and clear messages, I now have a better understanding and perspective of myself. I’m so grateful I met her!”

— Lou C.

“Amanda gives clear and powerful channeled readings. She has a talent for receiving and communicating memorable and helpful advice.”

— Mel A.


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The aura tells all ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗

Curious about your aura? My Intuitive Reading includes a comprehensive aura read and more! Link in bio to book. 

🎥 @_laurengiuliani (who’s super bright and shiny, btw!!)

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I was talking to a wise friend yesterday about his purpose, right now. He wondered why he was still here, in the physical, and felt that there must be a reason. 

So many of us wonder about our grand purpose, what we set out to accomplish, and think it must have to do with other people. We think our purpose is in service. Maybe that entails filling up our cup first, but eventually, our lives are about service. 

What my guides keep telling me, in different ways, is that our purpose is love. We’re here to embody love, to give and receive more and more love. And of course, there is no end to the love we can create. Love intensifies with experience. 

Service can be a way of giving (and receiving) love, but it’s not your purpose. You are not here to serve people, nor are you here to serve the Universe/God. At least not in the way many of us think.

You are loved unconditionally. The Universe/God doesn’t expect or need anything from you. 

You are here to be. You are here to be the fullest expression of yourself. And actually, in this being and expressing, this is how you “serve” the Universe. What you want on a deep level, and what the Universe wants, is one and the same.

You are the one who has decided to come here and embody love. You are doing this for you and me. For us all. (And btw, when you choose to leave the physical, this is because you are ready for the next step in your expression.)

Keep going. Keep asking yourself, how can I feel more in love today? Maybe that’s sitting in silence, maybe that’s being a parent (a form of service), maybe that’s hugging a tree, maybe that’s doing absolutely nothing at all. There is no pressure, only exploration.

Love is your purpose. Your life is not about achieving, it’s about feeling.

Feeling is the way. Adventure awaits!!

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Life is a series of cycles, and everything adds to our experience. 

That said, it is the human/ego condition to align itself with separation. Often, we don’t feel supported by a Higher Power or even by the people around us. We feel alone and in the dark.

The fact that you are alive, with divine electricity powering your beautiful body, is proof that you are not alone and can never be alone.

The soul, on the other hand, seeks unity. It seeks the fullness of the flame to express itself. It wants to supercharge its power.

To feel alive again, we need to stoke our inner fire. We do this by bringing our attention to it. By simply recognizing that we are divine. We are a soul in a body, and not the other way around.

As we focus on our divinity, the fire inside expands. Eventually, it moves outward, affecting the Earth, animals, the people around us. 

So, repeat after me: I hereby align with my inner fire. I step into my power as a divine being.

And so it is.

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When I was in preschool, I had a traumatic experience of being sent to time-out. I was 4 or 5, and was forced to sit alone, in a room across the hall from the rest of the class. I still remember crying for my mommy. 

I’ve never forced my kids to sit in “time out.” 

But more recently, I started a “time for you” chair for my 8-year-old.

Sometimes, when I start to notice him becoming dysregulated or “misbehaving” (and out of alignment), I have him sit in a “time for you chair.” 

Instead of making him “think about what he’s done wrong,” I have him sit in a chair and think about something he wants more than anything. I tell him to imagine his dreams coming true. He can take all the time he needs and I’ll come check in on him in a bit.

And what do you know, by the time I come back, his whole mood has changed. His vibration has been raised.

Instead of making him feel bad with a “time out,” I help him make himself feel good. Shifting to feeling good — and teaching our children how to take their power back — is always the answer!!
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Ever wonder why rain is such a polarizing topic? Why is it that some people hate it and some absolutely love it?

Rain is water that’s moving fast.

Water, which symbolizes our emotions, is meant to move. Actually, it NEEDS to move. 

The rain is literally here to help you get in touch with your emotions. It is here to help you feel things on a deeper level. 

Which is why you likely either hate rainy days — or love them.

When we feel depressed or low or off on a rainy day, it’s because those feelings have already been percolating. The rain is just here to bring them to the surface (sometimes quite forcefully). The rain is almost the catalyst for us letting go of control and RELEASING sadness, anger, guilt, etc.

The key is to surrender to our rainy day feelings, and not try and repress them with self-sabotaging behaviors. Give ourselves permission to stay inside and go internal. Or go outside and scream in the rain.

What about when we feel joy on a rainy day? This is also helping us get closer to ourselves. The rain is helping us go internal and feel something more deeply. Again, the key is to give into the pleasure that it beholds.

And once you understand the divine message in the rain, you no longer dread or resist it. You welcome it, deeply understanding the opportunity being presented.

Have you come to accept the rain? Cue that Hillary Duff song, Let the Rain Fall Down ☔️☔️💧💧

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A friend texted me last night for my energetic take on something that was happening with her new friend group. 

She felt like she was being ghosted and left out. She just felt that things were “weird” and she didn’t know why.

My first question back to her was, Do you think someone in this friend group might be jealous of you?

She then revealed to me what had happened, how one of the girls had been openly upset about one of her recent accomplishments in a class they’re in together.

On an energetic level, this all made complete sense to me. My friend has lots of YELLOW in her aura. In my experience as a medium and an intuitive, I’ve found that, when jealousy is a theme in our lives, there’s usually some yellow around us.

Yellow is sunshine energy. It’s meant to shine bright. When in alignment, it can manifest with effortlessness and ease.

For some people, this bright yellow light can be too bright. They perceive yellow as not having to work for what they receive. This can bring on deep feelings of jealousy. 

So why does yellow continually attract this experience of jealousy?

I believe it’s because yellow is meant to learn to hold their own power. To not give it away. 

Yellow is confident, it gets what it wants. 

When you stand in this place of pure inner power, jealousy doesn’t stand a chance. Your fiery sun will simply burn it up alive.

Are you yellow? Drop a yellow emoji below!

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