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I know what it’s like to feel disconnected, confused, or uncertain on your path. Through mediumship and intuitive sessions, I connect with spirit — your spirit guides, a Higher Intelligence, your departed loved ones, the Universe, or however you perceive All That Is — to help you take your life into your own hands. The magic is inside you. And you can absolutely learn to navigate your life with a greater sense of peace, power, intuition, and life purpose.

I see YOU. You are already whole — and more exquisite than you can comprehend. I’m just here to help remind you of who you really are.

You Can Fly

When I connect with spirit, it feels vast. Weightless. Limitless. Free.

Like I’m flying.

Ready to find your wings? As we delve into this work together, with spirit leading the way, you reconnect with a power deep within yourself. You’ve always known you were meant for something, and now you can finally understand the what, the why, the who. It’s time to start living the life that is in alignment with the real you.

Hi! I love having you here.

I’m Amanda Lieber, a soul walking, just like you.

I believe we’re all here for a reason: to manifest the fullest, most joyful expressions of ourselves.

Through mediumship and spirit-led intuitive sessions, I provide a supportive space for releasing “stuck” energy, receiving practical guidance, and moving into a more expanded, empowered, and EXCITED version of yourself.

If you’re feeling confused or stagnant on your path, you’re in the right place. Sometimes, all it takes is an “opening” for new energy to flow in, illuminating your next step. And although I wholeheartedly believe (and know!) that you are intuitive, it can be challenging to see ourselves in the way that spirit does, with a bird’s eye view of your life…and your entire soul being.

Working with you in creating that opening is my privilege and honor.

You are pure love and absolute perfection, I promise! You have the power to create the life you deserve and dream of. And everything you need to make that happen is truly inside of you.

I am here, holding that vision.

You Asked:

What’s the Difference Between Evidential and Trance Mediumship?

I like to think of my role as a medium as “the messenger.”

In general, the task of a medium is to form a strong link to the spirit world/Higher Consciousness and allow divine intelligence to flow through.

The main differences between what’s known as “evidential” mediumship and “trance” mediumship involve the mechanics (how the connection is made) and also the type of communicator present.

When a medium is performing evidential mediumship, they’re typically connecting to spirit in a more active state. Their eyes are open, and they’re able to communicate with the client in front of them. In this form of mediumship, usually, the intention is to connect with departed loved ones (or, to put it bluntly, dead people). Typically, the medium will provide specific information to validate the spirit communicator (tidbits about their physical appearance, personality, career, family, memories with you, information about your life, etc.), and then deliver any messages from your loved one(s). This kind of mediumship is what you might see on TV — and it can be incredibly healing and peace-giving.

Trance mediumship, on the other hand, involves going into a much more passive, deeply altered state of consciousness. The medium usually (but not always) works with their eyes closed and doesn’t actively converse with a client. The goal is to “step away” from the mind as much as possible so that spirit/Higher Consciousness can speak through the medium. With trance mediumship, the communicator can vary; it might be a spirit guide, a departed loved one, or any form of Higher Intelligence. In my experience, healing energy is always transmitted from the medium to the client, along with specific information on a wide variety of topics, like your everyday life, soul purpose, spiritual path, and more. It’s virtually limitless, which is what I love most about it!

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“Amanda’s ability to receive messages from those who are no longer with us is outstanding, and she delivers those messages with warmth and openness like she too is a part of your family or inner circle. I can’t wait to work with her again and have recommended her to many others, as her sessions are a truly special experience.”

— Katy C.

“My reading with Amanda was very thought-provoking. She was able to read my energy in depth, then bring through spirit while in trance to answer a few questions I had about my past lives, purpose, and why situations in this life seem so familiar, both the good and the bad. Thanks to Amanda’s abilities and clear messages, I now have a better understanding and perspective of myself. I’m so grateful I met her!”

— Lou C.

“Amanda gives clear and powerful channeled readings. She has a talent for receiving and communicating memorable and helpful advice.”

— Mel A.


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I believe Michael Jordan was (and still is) such an unstoppable force, the true GOAT, because he really embodied his soul colors of red and purple.

In order to bring in other energies successfully, it’s really important to have that foundation of being deeply aligned with your soul energies (colors). Because when you’re not grounded in your soul colors, you don’t have a leg to stand on to bring in new energies. (Not to mention that your soul purpose and path feels fuzzy or unclear.)

Mike definitely experimented with yellow (confidence in the spotlight) and blue (all the media work and more recently with his autobiography). But if you ask me, these energies aren’t part of his bigger-picture “story” and goals. Being Hollywood famous wasn’t what he wanted on a deeper level, but rather it was more leaving a legacy (red), doing things on his terms and following his intuition (hence the switch to baseball and his return to bball).

Green, on the other hand, is essential to the fulfillment of his purpose. At the deepest level, green asks us to truly love OURSELVES. Only MJ himself can know if he’s embodied that space.

Any Jordan fans here? 

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David Beckham is so layered and has true chameleon energy (blue). He really struggled with being such a public figure (yellow) and that is a big part of his life purpose, to align with the higher vibration of yellow, which is inner power. 

And it makes total sense that he was so taken with Victoria (and vice versa), who has purple and pink in her aura to complement him perfectly. She also has that blue intensity, so they really get each other. 

Which athlete should we look at next? LMK in the comments ❤️❤️❤️

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Energy explains everything and it never lies.

In this case, it wasn’t until I stepped into my purple energy that I matched hers. We needed to be in alignment in order for our magic to unfold. 

And it’s been magic ever since ✨

Tag your soul sibling below 👯‍♀️

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You are everything. It’s that simple. 

Sending so much love to you 💗

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Color is energy. I perceive and speak in the language of color. I’m not trying to “define” you; that would be impossible and limiting. 

But I’m trying to give you a fuller picture of your energetic essence, in terms you can understand. We feel far away from our Higher Self because we can’t seem to define it or grasp what it is. 

That’s because you are truly undefinable, unquantifiable. Using colors helps to QUALIFY who you are.

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Did you know that you can bring in new energies into your aura?

While it’s true that your aura reflects what I call your “soul colors” (your soul essence, desires and purpose) and your “personal colors” (energies you’ve picked up throughout your life), you can absolutely alter your aura and amplify certain energies.

The key is to be grounded in your soul colors. These are foundational, and without them, there’s just a lingering feeling of confusion and of feeling not totally in alignment in a certain area of your life.

As someone who’s read hundreds of auras, I’ve learned that your soul colors can easily get buried or take a backseat in your life. The result is feeling super in your head and not fully in your heart.

If you’re interested in getting to know your soul colors on a deep level, comment SOUL ✨

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My guides shared this with me the other day. It’s something many of us have come to realize or understand, but I always think it’s helpful to hear what we know to be true in new ways.

It’s like Marianne Williamson said, our real fear is the fear of succeeding. It’s scary because it means letting go of certain people, states of being, or things in our lives. Our head can’t quite wrap around what our heart knows.

That’s why the answer is staying in the present moment and taking one step at a time. When the goal feels scary, focus on the now bc it’s all you have. It’s all you can control or work with. 

Trust is a big part of this process, and it’s something that I help others to cultivate in Be the LOVE, my 3-part journey from fear consciousness (indecision, feeling stuck in a certain area, or not feeling full aligned) to love consciousness (flow, trust, surrender, aligned action with joyful ease!). Comment LOVE if you want to learn more 💕

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It’s one thing to know something intellectually, and another to really internalize it. To feel, believe and embody it on a deep level.

Look, most of us know that a belief is just a longgg series of similar thoughts. That’s why positive affirmations, in theory, can be so powerful.

You probably also know that positive affirmations are a million times more powerful when we say them with emotion. The stronger the emotion, the better.

The reason for this is because we are getting our body involved. We are attempting to embody the affirmation. 

Connecting to your power starts with your body. That’s why I’ve created Be the LOVE, a 3-session experiential journey to help you ground your soul energy into your body so that you can live from a place of a love, where creative flow is effortless, making decisions is marked with ease and surrender, and synchronicity is the most natural thing on Earth. 

Sometimes I like to compare our soul energy with one of those “cash grab” machines. There are “dollars” floating all around us, within our grasp, but we just can’t grab them. Be the LOVE is designed to help you pull of those precious, priceless “dollars” of energy back into your body.

Ready to join? Schedule a free call with me to see if you might be a good fit. I only have 2 more spots available for July. Comment SOUL for more info.

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